Materiale digitale corsi

Le presenti segnalazioni riguardano il materiale digitale indicato nei testi di riferimento di corso e dei corsi a scelta: sia la documentazione liberamente accessibile, sia e-book ancora soggetti a copyright che è possibile consultare in sede (in quest’ultimo caso viene espressamente indicato).
Il materiale è suddiviso e classificato in base alle richieste bibliografiche delle singole scuole e corsi.

Perché è importante consultare questa sezione?

> perché tiene traccia delle richieste bibliografiche delle scuole non disponibili in formato cartaceo
> perché tiene traccia di tutti quei documenti “non convenzionali” che non sono né monografie, né periodici, ma report, estratti, relazioni, conference paper, ecc.

Non sono incluse le dispense di corso.

The following indications cover the digital material indicated in the reference texts of the couses and the elective subjects. It includes both free access documents and e-books available in our libraries.
The material is divided and classified according to the reference texts of each school and course.

Why is browsing this section so important?

> because it outlines the reference texts of the courses which are not available in print
> because it informs about all the "unconventional"  documents (reports, statements,
extracts, conference papers, etc.) that can be viewed on line

Lecture notes are not included. 

Biblioteca Design, Comunicazione, Arti Visive 

Area Arti Visive

> Bazzichelli Tatiana, Networking. La rete come arte, Milano, Costa & Nolan, 2006

> Bazzichelli Tatiana, The net as artwork, Aarhus, Digital Aesthetics Research Center, 2008

> Bennett M. Janet, Intercultural communication: A current perspective, in Bennett M. Janet (ed.), Basic concepts of intercultural communication: Selected readings, Yarmouth, Intercultural Press, 1998

> Bennett M. Janet, Transition shock: Putting culture shock in perspective, 1977 (summary of the article)

> Bourdieu Pierre,The Logic of Practice, Polity Press, 1990

> Everest F. Alton, Pohlmann Ken C., Master Handbook of Acoustics, New York, McGraw-Hill, 2009 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Geertz Clifford, The interpretation of cultures, New York, Basic Books, 1973

> Typeface Catalog, A–Z OpenType

> Unay Jeff - CG Modeler, Tippett Studio, Hyper-Real Modeling, Siggraph 2004 – Maya Masters Class Seminar

Area Design

Burns C., Cottam H., Vanstone C., Winhall J., Report RED PAPER 02. Transformation Design, London, Design Council, 2006

Ganslandt Rüdiger, Hofmann Harald, Handbook of lighting design, ERCO Edition, 1992

Pine II B. Joseph, Gilmore James H., Welcome to the Experience Economy, “Harvard Business Review”, july-august 1998

Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future (Brundtland report), marzo 1987

Three-Dimensional Branding. Using Space as a Medium for the Message, Herman Miller, 2007

Area Marketing e Comunicazione

> Barbella Pasquale, Bibita per una nazione. Agli albori della comunicazione integrata, estratto da “La comunicazione d’azienda. Strutture e strumenti per la gestione”, a cura di Umberto Collesei e Vittorio Ravà, Torino, Isedi/Utet, 2004 (blog)

> Barbella Pasquale, Chi era costui? (blog)

> Barbella Pasquale, Gossage, seconda puntata (blog)

> Best of branded content marketing 2015

> Top AD campaigns of the 21st century

Sala Consultazione Moda

Area Fashion Design

Allinson Alfred, The days of the Directoire, New York-London, John Lane, 1910

Boehn Max von, Bekleidungskunst und Mode, München, Delphin-Verlag, 1918

Bradby G. F., The great days of Versailles. Studies from court life in the later years of Louis XIV, London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1907

Carlson Elaine K., Pants for woman: Fashion and Fit, Oregon State University Extension Service, 1969

Fashion terms and styles for women's garments, Oregon State University Extension Service, 1991 

Area Gioiello


Area Marketing e Comunicazione

> Bendell Jem, Kleanthous Anthony, Deeper Luxury. Quality and Style When the World Matters, WWF-UK, November 2007 (report)

> Berthon P., Pitt L., Parent M., Berthon J.P., Aesthetics & Ephemerality: Observing and Preserving the Luxury Brand, “California Management Review”, vol. 52, n.1 (fall 2009), pp. 45-66

> Flower William Henry, Fashion in deformity, as illustrated in the customs of barbarous and civilised races, London, Macmillan and co., 1881

> Forstater M., Oelschaegel J., Sillanpää M., What Assures Consumers?, AccountAbility/National Consumer Council, July 2006

> Greenpeace, Dirty Laundry. Unravelling the corporate connections to toxic water pollution in China, Amsterdam, Greenpeace, 2011? (report)

> Guenza Fabio, Mora Emanuela, Ricchetti Marco, A Market for Self and Collective Identities: the Fashion Industry Between Conventional and Relational Goods, June 2011 (conference paper)

> Krishnamurti J., Saanen Lectures 1978-1979

> Interbrand, Best Global Brands 2012. The definitive guide to the 100 Best Global Brands

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Art Semiology. L’immagine oltre l’arte (fra pubblicità e marketing), vol. 1, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Art Semiology. L’immagine oltre l’arte (fra pubblicità e marketing), vol. 2, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Il soggetto elettronico. Approfondimenti e sviluppi di Net Semiology, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Logosemiotica e fonosemiotica. Comunicare in modo polisemantico con parole e sonoro in Video, Stampa e Radio, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Porter Michael E., Strategy and the Internet, “Harvard Business Review”, march 2001

> Porter Michael E., The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy, “Harvard Business Review", vol. 86, n.1 (January 2008), pp. 78–93 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Simmel Georg, The Metropolis and Mental Life, 11-19

> Sisodia R., Wolfe D. B., Sheth J., Firms of endearment. How world-class companies profit from passion and purpose, New Jersey, Pearson Education, 2014 (sample pages)

> The Co-operative Bank, The Ethical Consumerism Report 2007

> Veblen Thorstein, The Theory of the Leisure Class, New York, Oxford University Press, 2007 (pubblicato originariamente nel 1899)

Area Fashion Stylist

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Art Semiology. L’immagine oltre l’arte (fra pubblicità e marketing), vol. 1, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Art Semiology. L’immagine oltre l’arte (fra pubblicità e marketing), vol. 2, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2006 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Ligas Cinzia, Crepaldi Fausto, Sign and Design. A practical guide to discovering, understanding and using the hidden messages in video advertising, found in Fashion, Design and Luxury, Milano, Ars Europa Edizioni, 2013 [e-book consultabile in sede]

> Perry-Smith Jill E., Shalley Christina E., The Social Side of Creativity: A Static and Dynamic Social Network Perspective, “The Academy of Management Review”, vol. 28, n. 1 (January 2003), pp. 89-106

Corsi trasversali: materiale bibliografico di corsi a scelta comuni a tutte le scuole | digital material of elective subjects

Antropologia Culturale

> Csordas Thomas J., Incorporazione e fenomenologia culturale, “Annuario di Antropologia”, Vol. III, n.3 (2003) - Corpi, pp. 19–42 

> Malinowsky Bronisław, Argonauti del Pacifico Occidentale (introduzione: Oggetto, metodo e fine della ricerca), in Cappelletto F., Vivere l’etnografia, Firenze, SEID, 2009, pp. 1-25 [estratto consultabile in sede]

> Remotti Francesco, Relativismo culturale, “Enciclopedia delle scienze sociali”, 1997

> Stolcke Verena, Le nuove frontiere e le nuove retoriche culturali dell’esclusione in Europa, in Mezzadra S., Petrillo A. (a cura di), I confini della globalizzazione. Lavoro, culture, cittadinanza, Roma, Manifestolibri, 2000 [estratto consultabile in sede]

> Wacquant Loic, L’habitus come oggetto e come strumento. Riflessioni sul divenire pugile professionista, “Etnografia e Ricerca Qualitativa”, 1 (2009), pp. 7-22

User Experience Design

Desmet P.M.A., Design for Happiness. Four ingredients for designing meaningful activities, proceedings of the IASDR2011, the fourth world conference on design research, Oct 31-Nov 4, 2011, Delft, The Netherlands

Fokkinga S.F., Hekkert P., Desmet P.M.A., Ozkan-Vieira E., From Product to Effect: Towards a human-centered model of product impact, paper presented at DRS14, the 2014 Design Research Society Conference, June 16-19, 2014, Umeci, Sweden

Tromp N., Hekkert P., Social implication Design (SID) - A design method to exploit the unique value of the artefact to counteract social problems, proceedings of DRS2014, Umea, Sweden

Van Boeijen, A.G.C., Socio-cultural dimensions to sharpen designer's cultural eyeglasses, proceedings of the Engineering and Product Design Education conference, 5-6 September 2013, Dublin, lreland

Fenomenologia delle Arti Contemporanee

Commissione Europea, Libro verde. Le industrie culturali e creative, un potenziale da sfruttare, Bruxelles, 27.4.2010 COM(2010) 183 definitivo

Design Council, Design in the knowledge economy 2020 (Report), London, 2010

European Community, The entrepreneurial dimension of the cultural and creative industries, Utrecht, 2010

Kultur & Kommunikation (for Nordic Innovation Centre 2007), Creative Industries Education in the Nordic Countries. A brief portrait, November 2007

Lingo Elizabeth L., Tepper Steven J., Looking Back, Looking Forward: Arts-Based Careers and Creative Work, “Work and Occupations”, 40, n. 4 (November 2013), pp. 337-363

UNCTAD, Creative Economy Report 2008. The challenge of assessing the creative economy towards informed policy-making, United Nations, 2008

UNESCO, Creative Industries

UNESCO, Culture
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